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Chapter 2 of the book Exchange Traded Profits: Cashing in on new ETF trading methods outlines a series of mechanical rotation strategies designed for long-term growth. The models are simple, easy to follow, and effective. They are based on the assumption that in most market environments there is an area of leadership. The models rotate to the leadership segments. The models are designed for different ETF categories that include style, sector, international, and inverse ETFs. In order to understand the trading strategies, you must read Exchange Traded Profits.

This section of the web page updates the performance detailed in the book and expands the results by showing the trade-by-trade details.

The strategy returns assume the portfolio is always fully invested. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate market timing. The portfolios only hold two ETFs, so with one trade you can immediately move to a 50% cash position.

Percentage Returns and Trade Details:

Returns represent a paper portfolio instead of real money returns. Past performance does not guarantee future results.


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