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Money Management

Many readers of Exchange Traded Profits are also clients of David Vomund's managed account program. While they believe in the strategies from David's book, they know that they can't devote the time necessary to following them on a timely basis.

Have you ever planted seeds and forgotten to water them? The book is like a package of seeds that can grow into productive fruit bearing plants. But there's more work to growing fruit than just dropping seeds in the ground. Those young plants need care and regular watering.

That's where David's managed account program shines bright. Using the strategies described in Exchange Traded Profits, David monitors the market full-time, such that the strategies are implemented quickly and consistently.

If you like what you read in Exchange Traded Profits, and would like to have those strategies used to grow your money, then please learn more by visiting David's managed account website at www.VomundInvestments.com.


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Money Management
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